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A.C. Mitisek

Instructor / Coach

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Special Offers

Old Contract Pricing

Because my work has transitioned to focus on very personal issues as well as physical training, it's important that both the client and I are equally invested in the work.  

If your contract pricing is lower than my current pricing, you will be slowly transitioned financially so that you can continue your work with me or choose to opt out. 

Referrals* - Private Clients

For my clients who take one-on-one sessions (Drinks at the Barre) or for those who participate in small group sessions (Mini Barres), you are entitled to special perks for referrals**.   Please contact me for more specific information.

*A referral is someone who signs up for a minimum of 10 sessions with me (either Drinks at the Barre or Mini Barres). 

Long Term Clients

Long term clients who train with me privately will receive discounts on various items including retail and class packages once they have been with me for 6 months or more.  Please speak with me directly for specifics regarding earning and redeeming these rewards. 

* these offers are subject to change and are not legally binding