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As a former dancer, I am no stranger to working at the barre, but it wasn't until I was recovering from my 5th abdominal surgery that I found the method of Barre fitness.  I used it as part of my rehabilitation and I completely fell in love.  No matter your age or fitness level, this can be a challenging, low impact work out.  It wasn't much longer after my first class that I decided to become an instructor and I've expanded my speciality to include working on body image.  Contact me and let me be your barre bestie!



Barre is a type of exercise that is focused on elongating the muscle as much as it is focused on strengthening the muscle.  It is a very unique fitness method in that it is both a low impact and high cardio program.  Barre is accessible and safe for people of all ages and fitness levels, as well as being good for pregnant and postpartum women.  My classes have several modifications available for the movements / exercises which means that it can be tailored just for you, working around any injuries you may have.



Barre Besties combines elements of Pilates, yoga, dance, and functional fitness training in all classes.  I incorporate small isolated movements to fatigues the muscles with large range of motion exercises to elevate the heart rate, along with regular stretches to elongate the muscles we will work the entire body. While my certification is through Barre Intensity, I can tailor classes to be specifically for you.  All of my classes use upbeat music and come with my excitement so you're always guaranteed a fun workout!



I have worked on transforming my own relationship with my body for the last 10 years while being trained how to coach others on this topic.  Because there is an intense connection between the way we feel about our body and the way our body looks, it is essential to work on both the physical and the emotional aspects.  For some people the physical changes first, and for others it the emotional component that needs to move before our body will change. Integrating these two disciplines into one powerful expression is the basis of my work.



Barre Besties is proud to be the ONLY mobile barre training program in the area.   Our barre is weight bearing and adjustable, I can bring it to you (in or around South Tampa) allowing you to exercise within your busy schedule.  

My mobile sessions are one hour total, with 45 minutes of physical work.  Because of the time it takes to set up and tear down the equipment I bring to you, the remaining 15 minutes are used for emotional work and for me to form a lasting bestie relationship with you.

Please contact me for a consultation!



Barre Besties has its own small studio in the Sunset Park suburb of South Tampa. If you are interested in having a full hour of physical exercise you can come to me, I weave in the emotional work throughout your hour.  

The capacity for this space is 4 people, which allows me to still give amazing attention to form and individual progress, while allowing for a less expensive option.  

Please see my pricing page and or download my price files for more info.